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*I'm too adorkable!*

z.first off, whats your name?- Christine
o.age?- 15
x.girl or boy?- chick!!
o.location?- mechanicsville, maryland. eh...not the best place but it'll do for now. status?- single..and very lonely!
o.sexuality?- straight.
x.hobbies?- im a dancer, and i play tennis for my highschool team.
o.somthing intersting about yourself.- i cry during almost any movie. i actually cried during the lion king, and peter pan (the new one). not really interesting, but not many people know that about me.

*OPINIONS* i think love is very important in life. without it, it seems so much harder to live. when your loved by someone, you feel like you belong, and your so much more happier. its so important to feel good about yourself, and when someone loves mainly do feel good about yourself.
o.abortion- I don't support abortion. I think its wrong to kill something thats living. That child didn't do anything wrong, and your gonna go and kill it before it even has a chance at life?! Thats crazy. If a woman is raped, she can still go on with the birth and give the child up for adoption if she doesnt want it. If a teenager is having the baby, then its their own fault for getting pregnant in the first place, and if they dont want the baby, they can give it up for adoption also.
x.testing products on animals- I dont think its right to test products on animals. Its cruel and wrong on so many levels. Those animals havent done anything to deserve treatment like that. Sometimes the products cause the animals to become really sick, or they could even die, and thats wrong to do. How would all those animal tester people like it if they were the ones being tested?! I know they wouldnt want it done to them, so they shouldnt do it to animals.
o.interacial relationships- I have nothing against interacial relationships. Actually my best friend is mixed, and i love her to death. I think that if you really love someone, it shouldnt matter what color they are. True love shouldnt be put down just because your partner is a different race.
x.same-sex marriages- I support same sex marriages. People cant just chose who they love. Your born a certain way, and some people are born gay. If you love someone, there should be no limits. This is a free country, and you should at least be able to love who you want.
o.stereotypes- I hate them. You cant judge someone by the way they dress, or by what music they listen to, or by what they do. It makes no sense to just be like, "oh you wear black, so you must be a scary goth." Thats so stupid.

*FAVES* Hmmm..this is a hard one. I cant even pick one song. Just look at my favorite bands.
o.bands/singers?- So many bands, and such. Where to start.. Matchbook Romance, Dashboard Confessional, Coheed and Cambria, Brand New, afi, Finch, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday...Chris Carrabba (from dashboard) is my favorite singer.
x.soda?- mountain dew!!
o.color?- red.
x.quote?- "Back in school they Never taught us what We needed to know Like how to deal with Despair or someone Breaking your heart." So many movies too. Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club, Spider-Man 1 and 2, Center Stage (its the dancer in me), South Park, Dumb and Dumber, The Butterfly Effect, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the many more. PacSun and Abercrombie Well i dance and play tennis, so dance and tennis.

x.turn ons?- I love a guy with great hair, piercings, a nice smile, good sense of humor..stuff like that.
o.turn offs?- A guy whos too quiet, or mean. trait (ohysically & personality)?- My best trait physically is probably my hair. I dunno..i like it. And my personality, hmmm..well i always try and look on the brightside of things.
o.biggest fault?- Man..where to start?! I think that i lie a bit much. I never lie to my friends though, only like my parents. And i get jealous very easily. I could like a guy, and some girl will go and ask him a question, and i get pretty jealous. It sucks. did you find us?- bamaxbabii

o.promote us to a community or a LJ user. please leave the link we will check!<> and
x.fill in the blank.
pink is the best color ever!
o.oh and at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself.

Sorry..I only have 2 pictures saved on my computer. I'll post more when i get my film developed. Hopefully sometime this week.

Im on the left.

Im on the right.
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