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Hey Guys, joining the community. =)

z.first off, whats your name?- Kathryn
o.age?- 16
x.girl or boy?- chick
o.location?- miamiii
x.dating status?- single
o.sexuality?- straitt
x.hobbies?- listenning to music, hanging out, movies, shopping
o.somthing intersting about yourself.- i have a mole on my neck...lol (?)

x.love- its hard to find and if you have it you should cherish it.
o.abortion- depends, it's pretty hard being pregnant while your in highschool, but im not all for it since it's dangerous.
x.testing products on animals- Against, animals shouldnt be treated that way at all.
o.interacial relationships- It's cool, it shouldnt matter what race someone is, all that matters is if they really care for each other.
x.same-sex marriages- i have no problems, it's peoples choice on who they want to be with, even if it is of the same sex.
o.stereotypes- I hate them. We are all people, some are different, but it doesnt mean we should be classified.

x.song?- right now i like "give it up" by midtown
o.bands/singers?- Thrice, the used, antiflag, afi, casualties, blink 182, bad religion, story of the year, the early novemeber...
x.soda?- coke
o.color?- black, green, purple, yellow
x.quote?- This is the dream i am dying in, i will wake to find tomorrow, and be content without perfection
o.movie?- Dazed and confused, slc punk, 10 things i hate about you, eh, cant think of any.
x.store?- thriftstores, ross and hottopic
o.sport?- volleyball, soccer, tennis

x.turn ons?- piercings, good personality, someone funny.
o.turn offs?- drugs
x.best trait (physically & personality)?- Im caring, and im pretty damn fun. :P
o.biggest fault?- my looks..:/
x.how did you find us?- my dwagg ;)

o.promote us to a community or a LJ user. please leave the link we will check!
x.fill in the blank.
PINK is the best color ever!
o.oh and at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself.
no thanks.. ;)
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