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z.first off, whats your name?- Ashley
o.age?- just turned 16 on the 15th =]
x.girl or boy?- girrrl
o.location?- South Hadley, MA.. Boring.. Everything closes at 7pm -_-
x.dating status?- I am taken.  And I will be for awhile.  I am SO in love.
o.sexuality?- i love guys.
x.hobbies?- hmm.  Soccer, swimming, sports in general, singing, music, playing video games (yes i am a geek), shopping, sleeping, eating, going online, livejournaling. 
o.somthing intersting about yourself.- humm.  interesting.. hah!  i dont know if you'll find this funny, interesting or gross, but I can burp the ABCs =X

I love love.  =]  I mean, the feeling that you get when you are in love is something TOTALLY unexplainable that it seems like only people who are in love can understand you.  I mean, it hurts when you love someone who doesnt love you back, I mean, that sucks, but the feeling when that person who you feel SO strongly for loves you back, wow, its amazing..
o.abortion- I'm against if you are a teen who is having sex unprotected.  If you are mature enough to have sex with someone, you should at least have respect for yourself to be protected. If its the case where the woman was raped or they had to kill the baby to save the womans life, then I am for it.
x.testing products on animals- totally AGAINST.  I mean, I dont know what else we would test these products on, but why on these innocent animals?  I mean if they know that these things could, in fact, be deadly or soemthing, why are they making them..
o.interacial relationships- Wel, im in one.  Im white, my boyfriend is Puerto Rican.  I mean, i love him.  I dont see him as a hispanic person, I see him as my love.  Im totally for it.  I dont think race is an issue if you are really in love with someone.  Its the matter of being happy and being in love that should count.
x.same-sex marriages- Im for it.  I mean, how would straight couples feel if they couldnt marry those they love? I mean, America is about the freedom of man, are they not entitled to be concidered into that?
o.stereotypes- I cant stand stereotypes.  My friend is very stereotypical and I cant stand when he is like that.  He thinks that just because my boyfriend is hispanic that hes in a gang and does drugs.  In fact, my boyfriend is complete opposite.  Hes in a band and isnt "thuggish" at all.

x.song?- I have 2.  The Outsider-A Perfect Circle and She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5
o.bands/singers?- Maroon 5, John Mayer, A Perfect Circle, Breaking Benjamin, Ryan Cabrera, Dashboard Confessional, A Static Lullabye, Coheed and Cambria, Yellowcard, Blink182, The Ataris, My Chemical Romance, Switchfoot, Trapt, Mest, Starting Line
x.soda?- gotta say Coke. Most Def.
o.color?- pink , black and orange
x.quote?- I acctually have 2.  Maybe there are no right moments, right guys, right answers. maybe sometimes you just have to say what's in your heart. - sex and the city
If you love someone then just say it, right then, right there, out loud, or else the moment just passes you by
-My Best Friends Wedding
o.movie?- Finding Nemo, The Breakfast CLub, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ned Kelly, Flashdance
x.store?- umm.  Probably American Eagle
o.sport?- Swimming and Soccer to play.. Football and Baseball to watch.  Swimming too.

x.turn ons?-
nice eyes, great personality and a kick ass sense of humor
o.turn offs?- people who are way to into themselves, closed minded people, very immature people
x.best trait (physically & personality)?- Physically, I'd say my... eyes.  I like my eyes.  Personality.  Hmm.  A lot.  I personally think I have a great personality.  Probably my sense of humor and my kindness
o.biggest fault?- um.  I was riding my bike, and I crashed into our car, and the damage was pretty bad.  Uh oh..
x.how did you find us?- I typed in love and there you were! 
o.cute female celeb.- hm.  I gotta say Angelina Jolie
x.cute male celeb.- MICHAEL PHELPS.  if he counts.  And Johnny Depp

o.promote us to a community or a LJ user. please leave the link we will check!   </a></a>miss_jizzum

x.fill in the blank.
Pink is the best color ever!
o.oh and at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself.
Im not the prettiest person.  but here ya go. Believe me I have better pictures, but My scanner isnt in use right now

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