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z. first off, what’s your name?- Heather
o. age?- fifteen
x. girl or boy?- girl
o. location?- Milford, CT
x. dating status?- single
o. sexuality?- straight
x. hobbies?- photography, reading, writing, drawing, anything involving music
o. something interesting about yourself.- um... I have PMS right now..? haha

x. love- it’s okay to love any random person... but to be IN love with them... it’s like... woah.. I don’t know how to describe it, haha
o. abortion- I’m on the fence... there’s the good points and the bad
x. testing products on animals- no no no no no. I am totally into animal rights and stuff like that, and I’m a vegetarian, soon hoping to be a vegan
o. interracial relationships- totally for. On top of my monitor, I have a white Barbie, sitting next to a black Ken doll. Their “together” if you know what I mean :) -and yes, I still play with Barbies... they are the coolest shit ever.
x. same-sex marriages- I wouldn’t do it, but I do believe that love is blind
o. stereotypes- I’ll be the first to admit that I go around calling people posers, punks, ghetto, preps, jocks, Goths, etc... then get angry when people call themselves punks or whatever... I just think stereotypes are one of those things that you claim to despise, yet can’t stop discussing

x. song?- Buried A Lie by Senses Fail
o. bands/singers?- Senses Fail, Sex Pistols, Misfits, Silverchair, Rush, Rancid, Distillers, Say Anything
x. soda?- I hate soda
o. color?- purple
x. quote?- “everything happens for a reason” yeah, I know it’s corney
o. movie?- Valley Girl, Say Anything & anything by Kevin Smith
x. store?- Hot Topic. I’m not one of those “I’m lyke s00 punx cuz I shopz @ hot topic!” .. I just wear A LOT of band shirts and that’s usually where I buy them
o. sport?- hockey, skateboarding, and lacrosse

x. turn ons?- guys in bands, tattoos, piercings, skateboarders, stoners (some weird fixation I have)
o. turn offs?- guys with long fingernails, guys that sing on the phone
x. best trait (physically & personality)?- I love my hazel eyes, and I am very caring most of the time
o. biggest fault?- I tend to exaggerate and/or lie a lot... and I can be a huge hypocrite
x. how did you find us?- explicit__’s journal... I looking on friend’s friend’s lists and found hers

o. promote us to a community or a LJ user. please leave the link we will check!

x.fill in the blank.
PINK is the best color ever!
o.oh and at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself.

sorry, my camera sucks and my computers all messed up
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