like. totally. (wtf_like_omfg) wrote in t00_ad0rkable,
like. totally.

z.first off, whats your name?- melanie nicole*
o.age?- fifteen
x.girl or boy?- girl
o.location?- maryland. sucks here. *gag* status?- single, and sad about it
o.sexuality?- i like boys
x.hobbies?- softball, computer, livejournal, phone, tanning, walking, i love summer stuff <3
o.somthing intersting about yourself.- im mixed. greek & black... yeah. i think thats interesting, i dont know if you do, but eh.. i do! ive also lived in maryland all my life, not just maryland but st. marys county maryland. and ive moved a great amount of five times. now thats what we call pathetic. ohyeah. i have 10 fingers and 10 toes. <3

*OPINIONS* well, love is one of the greatest feelings, but if you let it control your life. then it could be one of the most terrible feelings. but no matter what it always comes back to make you feel good. i dont know, i love love. i love being in love, and i love being loved back. its just the best feeling. I LOVE LOVE!
o.abortion- well, i personally would never EVER get one. i think that abortion is not an option, unless the mother will die from the baby being born. i mean no matter what, some1 whos innocent will be killed so abortion is fine in that situation. but if the child is product of rape or unplanned preganancy. adoption is the best and as i see it only choice. there are many poeple out there who would LOVE to have your baby if you dont want it. <3
x.testing products on animals- BAD BAD BAD! omfg, are people crazy. i think this is very very wrong. i mean, i dont have words to describe this, its not fair to them.
o.interacial relationships-I THINK THEY ARE GREAAAAAAAT!!! im the product of an interacial relationship. if people dont like it. well then they dont have to be in one. i think that no matter differences people can be together, i think they are great. and i mean, wether its chinese & white, black and japanese, purple and orange. doesnt matter everyones a person so color shouldnt matter. <3
x.same-sex marriages- GREATTTTTTTTTT! id personally never marry a girl. i love boys like i love my fingers and toes. but i mean, what if one day one of my gay/lesbian/bi friends, wants to get married, and wants me to come to his/her wedding. and i cant because GEORGE BUSH! thinks its a bad idea. well, let me tell mr. bush something.. he does not have the right to tell people who they can or can not marry. i think gay marriages are no different then straight marriages and should be allowed. discrimination should not be allowed, and not allowing gay marriage is discrimniation. <3
o.stereotypes- they suck. i mean just because someone has on a vans shirt does not mean they are a skater and that they will cause trouble. just because someone is dressed up like a gangsta gangsta, does not mean they are going to mug you. i mean, dont get me wrong they might. but c'mon... someone dressed in american eagle will steal your shit too. stereotypes are shit. <3

*FAVES* matchbook romance- promise
o.bands/singers?- soco, matchbook romance, finch, ashlee simpson, relient k
x.soda?- MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!
o.color?- pink green orange blue
x.quote?- "its better to of loved and to have lost then to have never loved at all." 10 things i hate about you, the breakfast club, billy madison, fifty first dates forever21, american eagle, aeropostale softball, volleyball, and ocasionally... tennis.

x.turn ons?- good smile, great teeth, nice hair, funny, great smile, great smile....oh and a great smile. sigh*
o.turn offs?- crusty teeth, yellow teeth, ugly smile, smokers, and boys who think they are sooo bad. trait (ohysically & personality)?- well, i think physically my best trait are my freckles. they are cute. i think so anyways... and yeah, i really like having them. i dont know what else to say, because i think im not that great looking. uhh yeah, best personality trait, well im very funny! and i love makeing everyone laugh. LOVE IT!! i like to make up dumb things, yeah... im just a funny person. oh i make up a lot of words too. they are GREAT! so im very funny & witty.
o.biggest fault?- well, i tend to get jealous very easy. and i tend to like boys for too long after we have broken up. i guess i get obsessed. and i depress myself over it. i think i do it for attention. ugh, and i always want to be the center of attention, if someone takes that away from me, i get very mad. and i freak out and get mad for no reason. ugh im lame. did you find us?- uhhm, my hott best friend. xonefuckedupkid, shes the ultimate SEX POT!

o.promote us to a community or a LJ user. please leave the link we will check!

x.fill in the blank.
pink is the best color ever!
o.oh and at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself.

yeah, thats the end? <3
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