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z.first off, whats your name?- emily
o.age?- sixteen
x.girl or boy?- vagina
o.location?- miami, florida
x.dating status?- single
o.sexuality?- hetero
x.hobbies?- sports, watching movies, pigging out, photography and hanging out with my buds
o.somthing intersting about yourself.- i played and play many instruments, violin, piano, drums, clarinet, and harp ..right now i'm taking an interest in bagpipes :)
i bowl and play tennis and this is my first time applying to a rating community

x.love- people take it for granted, its something that is rare and should be cherish when you have it
o.abortion- its just plain stupid, if you're not ready to have a child then AT LEAST use protection ..they come in many flavors and colors ;)
x.testing products on animals- blahhhhhh against it, leave the damn animals alone, they didnt do anything
o.interacial relationships- no problem, as long as they enjoy each others company and are comfortable together
x.same-sex marriages- it doesnt matter to me, just cause two people are the same gender and love each other doesnt mean they shouldnt have a marriage because of what people think
o.stereotypes- loathe them with a passion (period)

x.song?- way tooooooooooo many
o.bands/singers?-hot hot heat, coldplay, brandnew, coheed and cambria, taking back sunday, the faint, muse, mae, rooney, no doubt, dropkcik murphys and op. ivy etc..
x.soda?- mountain dew. do the deww do the dewwwww
o.color?- greeeeeeeeen and yellow :D
x.quote?- dont have one
o.movie?- mallrats, donnie darko, virgin suicides and fight club
x.store?- urban outiftters, abercrombie, pacsun and online sites.
o.sport?- bowling, tennis and football

x.turn ons? eyes and sense of humor
o.turn offs? short and ugly teeth
x.best trait (ohysically & personality)?- people say my smile.. and personality, im fun and have a good sense of humor
o.biggest fault?- trusting people too quickly
x.how did you find us?- _explicit <-- i love this girlllllllllll!

o.promote us to a community or a LJ user. please leave the link we will check!

x.fill in the blank.
pinK is the best color ever!
o.oh and at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself.

before my hair cut


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